Secrets to Personal Productivity

To achieve optimal personal productivity, one must be aware of himself, the situation as well as the other party. Who are the other party? They can be your co-workers, bosses, director, vendor, etc. in a workplace context. We can also describe personal productivity as an awareness of three things: Me, You and Situation. This is not something special and it had been mentioned in Sun Tzu’s Art of War quote:

It is said that if you know your enemies and know yourself, you will not be imperiled in a hundred battles; if you do not know your enemies but do know yourself, you will win one and lose one; if you do not know your enemies nor yourself, you will be imperiled in every single battle.

In our modern day context, we are not trying to win a war. We know “war” is too costly (it’s all in the news). The fundamental objective is to achieve personal productivity through understanding ourselves, the other party and the situation. Understanding ourselves involves awareness of our choices of actions, responses, our thinking, self-discipline and exertion of self-control. Strengthening the “me” is our core principle of understanding oneself. Understanding the other party involves awareness of their thoughts, anticipated responses within the given situation. We cannot change the perspective of another person, working styles, life’s need or nor a situation, but what we can do is to prepare our state of mind and body to adapt and handle various situations when they arise. Through this, we can “position” ourselves and influence any decisions and outcome. It goes the same when you enter the wrong “position”, the results are negative consequences.

How does it have any relation with improving personal productivity? Chances of us knowing the other party (or person) and situation dynamics is limited. But we have awareness and control of ourselves. Having being able to control what we can, we then anticipate and influence what is out of our control. Understanding oneself is one part of the equation to personal productivity. To further enhance personal productivity, it is necessary to complete the other half of the equation: understanding and reacting appropriately to other’s behavior in different situations. Sun Tzu’s Art of War quotes have been widely used in the business world. In our context, we bring it a level down to for the purpose of enhancing personal productivity at work.

Throughout the journey of finding productivity (is it work or life) with us, you will find that we begin working on one’s personal awareness and self-control (Me factor). Following through to understanding of the other party (You factor) and handling of situation dynamics (Situation factor). You will find what’s written here able to address your needs, if you have trouble finding personal productivity at work or having a grumpy boss always concerned with your performance. Simple as the concept is, we believed that what we are sharing here will be helpful in your search of personal productivity at work.

Using Personalized Products to Market Your Business

In today’s marketplace business owners of every size are looking for unique ways to market themselves. What makes this such a hard undertaking is the fact that finding something unique, affordable and brandable for your business is hard to find. A smart business person would ask, why spend all the money on marketing if you can’t tailor make it for your business. I totally agree and want to give you some guidance in how to use personalized products to market your business. There are two different categories that can be used in this style of marketing. A business owner can personalized a product for the customer or using the product to personalize the business.

All businesses need a customer base to be successful. In the best of times this can be difficult to achieve and maintain. During this economic downturn smart business owners start looking outside of what they already have set up in their marketing campaigns. Thinking outside of the box and looking at other alternatives for their marketing plans.

If a business deals with product a great idea would be to bring personalized items to their customers. This would benefit your customers with products and gifts that are unique and highly sought after.

When looking for marketing or promotion items a company looks for products that are unique enough to capture a potential customer’s interest while still being affordable enough to make the marketing campaign affordable. Having the business name on the product is important and if being able to add what the company represents on the promotional item is an option, its one that will often be opt in too. This branding is something that businesses work hard on and if done successfully will show returns that make a business owner happy. Personalized items bring that branding to your company giving the customer all the information you want them to have plus putting a unique product in front of them with an affordable price tag.

Bringing personalized product to your business arena will benefit you with your customers but also can be used in the office to increase productivity with your staff as well. If you run contests or drives in your office and need a unique product as a reward the benefits of personalized products are the same for staff as for a customer. They can be customized and made for the individual. You can also brand it with the company name, colors, logos and other ways. The same item can also be used but appear to be custom made for each employee. Price point is also an appeal; personalized products are high quality items made special by information for individuals making having a higher expensive perception that what is actually paid.

Why You Need To Create Your Own Information Products

Let’s face it there are a lot of alternatives to creating your own information products. You can sell someone else’s products as an affiliate. You can sell someone else’s products as your own. You can sell reviews of other people’s products.

But the best way to create an information product business is by creating your own infoproducts. Everyone agrees. Anyone who is making serious money creates their own eBooks, webinars, seminars and recordings.

But why?

In this article I’m going to share with you three reasons that I believe mean that you need to create your own information products in order to be successful.

1. You need to practice and grow to be an expert

One of the defining characteristics of an expert is that they have knowledge and experience beyond that of the average person. Knowledge is made up of two parts… facts and understanding. Facts you gather by research. Understanding you build by trying to put facts into some sort of order. Creating your own products is one way of being forced to do both those actions. Research is frequently a major portion in the creation of courseware. Organizing the facts is always a major portion in the creation of an information product.

2. You need to be perceived as an expert to sell high profit items

In order to move from selling low price, low value items into high profit items you need to be perceived as an expert in your field. After all, that’s why people are willing to pay the higher price of high profit items like coaching. There is only one way to be perceived as an expert — give your customers information that they want and need. Now there are, arguably, ways to do this without creating information products. But personally I believe that an information product is an information product because of what it is, not its price. In any case, free eBooks or webinars are amongst the best ways to convince your audience of your expertise. Articles and YouTube videos are great ways to interest a large number of people. But it takes larger learning content products to convince customers of your value. (And personally, I would argue that articles and YouTube videos are also learning content products if they teach).

3. There’s more money in products you create yourself.

Creating information products costs money. And quite reasonably, those who create the learning content expect to get the biggest portion of the sale. By creating the courseware yourself you’ll get the biggest portion of the sale. But there’s more than just that. The largest priced products can’t be easily resold. Things like coaching need to be delivered by the information product creator. If you want to sell high profit, high price products you need to be creating those products yourself.